1968 XR7 value

I am contemplating the purchase of a 1968 XR7 and would like to get some feedback from any members that care to comment in regards to it’s value. It is a 19,000 original mile two owner survivor car still wearing it’s original paint. Overall, the car is very nice (nice presentable chrome and trim, excellent original leather interior, only a couple of small chips in the paint, runs and drives excellent). All of the factory stickers under the hood as well as on the underside of the trunk lid are still intact and nice. Even the underhood padding as well as the trunk mat are in very nice condition. Original wheel covers also very nice. It was undercoated by the selling dealer when new (I have a copy of the original dealer order form) and needless to say is very nice underneath. It is a low option car that was special ordered by it’s original owner. It has the standard F code 302 V8 with the factory 4 speed, AM radio, and console being the only options as verified by the Marti report (no power steering or brakes, vinyl top, AC, etc). Any comments in regards to it’s value would be greatly appreciated.

It depends… If you are looking for a survivor, this is really valuable. If you are looking for a car to restore, this is going to be very expensive.

Pictures would help, got any?

A description of your planned use will also help. Weekend cruiser, survivor show car, daily driver etc.

There are two things we’d have to assume (one way or the other) to suggest a value. As noted, pictures would help. The assumptions are:

1.) The low mileage is documented with dates showing the mileage progression (or not)
2.) You’ve gone over the car thoroughly enough to satisfy yourself that it’s an original paint car (or not)

If both assumptions above are true, the value I’d put on the car (pending visual inspection) is around $15K almost strictly due to it being a survivor 4-speed car. Without documentation of the mileage claim, I’d drop the value to around $12K and if I found any evidence of a repaint, I’d drop it down to $10K. Actually seeing the car and talking to the seller could cause those numbers to go up or down.

Whatever number makes sense to you, if it’s in your budget, this is a car worth buying. You can always add power disc brakes without adversely affecting the value of the car (IMHO) but that’s probably all I’d do to it.

Is the engine 100% numbers matching? Correct and dated - carburetor, distributor, smog pump and related, radiator?
Unless it was sold in Canada or exported, it should have the thermactor smog system.

Interesting combination of options. XR7, 4 speed, console, are great options.
Not having power steering, disc brake, and no 4 barrel power detract from the potential value and desirability. What color combination?

I have never seen or heard of smog system on a 302-2V Scott. Are you sure about that?

Thanks guys for your quick responses. In answer to some of your questions, the car is Augusta green with saddle leather interior. The engine is totally original and the smog pump and lines are still intact. As far as the mileage goes, the original owner placed the car in storage at some point in the 1970’s due to health issues. In 2008, after his death, the second owner purchased the car from his estate in 2008. I had another unbiased car restorer and enthusiast look over the car and we are both convinced that both the paint and mileage are original. I forgot to mention in my original post that all of the weatherstrips (doors, trunk lid, etc.) are still very soft and like new. Even the underhood padding is very nice. Yes, I am looking for a survivor car for shows and very limited cruising. I will have my wife post some pictures shortly. Any further comments after the above information would be appreciated.

I think it could hit $15K if it is the time capsule that I am envisioning. I would also recommend that you consider upgrading the brakes if you plan to drive it much. If you only take it to shows then you could stay stock. The manual drum brake cars actually have great pedal feel but they do require more effort than most people are now accustomed to. An XR7 4 speed is a terrific car.

all original 68 cougar

Yes, and have seen 1968, C code 289-2V with 3 speed, and it had smog.

That is a gorgeous looking car!! Amazing time capsule. Thanks for the pictures.

From those pictures the paint looks great as well as the grille, tail lights and bumpers. I’d say an easy $15,000 if the rest of the car matches these picture.

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I think this is a $25,000 to $30,000 car. The color and equipment are terrific! It is exceedingly rare to see a car this nice.

Could this be because its a manual tranny? I had two 68 302 2Vs autos and they did not have smog. No plugged holes in the exhaust manifolds.
A club member has a 68 Mustang 302-2v auto from California and it had smog at one time.

In 68 the standards were the same for all 50 states - no difference in Calif delivered cars. Small blocks got Thermactor system if the car was a manual transmission and IMCO (no smog pump, tubes and such) for automatic equipped cars.

We often see engines and transmissions being replaced over the years that produces odd non-factory like combinations almost 50 years later