1969 1/4 window trim retainer reference pic?

So, keep in mind, that the car came apart in 2010/11, before I went to Kuwait. So, I had a couple days off, and am trying to get the insides put back together. A friend of mine redid the interior quarters, and as I"m trying to hang them, I see 4. One is missing, the other two are different from each other. One looks more correct, the other points up to the roof. If someone has theirs apart and can snap a quick pick, that would be awesome. I have looked in my shop manual, the repro assembly manual, and that detail just isn’t shown.

Are you talking about the chrome “hockey stick” trim that also has the felt beltline weather strip attached?

Not the outside chrome piece, for the interior that covers the rear crank handle-

Passenger side and drivers side