1969 70 Gas Door Mercury Crest Emblem - new reproduction

Would like to find one or two of the new gas door Mercury red crest emblems, as the reproductions seem to be currently out of stock at WCCC. Does anyone have one or two they want to sell or trade? Unfortunately, Mike Blum is no longer restoring original ones either, which is sad because he did an awesome job.

I am practicing now - I should have some completed in the next week or two - send me your phone # via chat and I can send you some pics - I had about 6 crests that were good enough to polish up - now I am painting them and applying the new epoxy - again - if you like them after seeing the pics I am sure we can work something out -

Count me in too please! Thanks

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Would love to have a spare. Have a core somewhere I could give you too. I swear the fade to pink just sitting in the garage.