1969 CJ 9F91R585029

I found this CJ cougar this past summer (2020) in Northern Alabama. Was going to buy it but when I went back it was gone. It was missing everything. Drivetrain, interior and rear end. The then owner had sold the drivetrain in a mustang in the 80’s . Hopefully it gets restored!!!

I shared the info herehttps://cccforum.discoursehosting.net/t/69-cj-farm-find-project/12362/1 in May 2020 and it was sold within the month…

Just checked and I took the pictures June 2020. Somehow I thought it was the beginning of this summer. Passed on it for $1250 and the 70 M code convertible. But only went back recently and they were gone. Hope
They both get restored.