1969 cougar 351 M wiring

Does anybody no the engine wiring harness location. The harness for alternator, regulator, solenoid on my car comes out of firewall then across engine to alternator, regulator, solenoid. I have seen other cougars where this wiring harness goes around front behind grill then under battery tray then to alternator, regulater solenoid. Anybody with these cars with experience please let me no the correct location for the harness. Thanks.

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I think you are comparing your 1969 to a 1967 or 1968. The wiring is not the same.

The 351M isn’t original to any Ford product in 1969. That engine only came out in the mid 70s.

The wiring is probably whatever gets it running safely . (We hope)

Perfomance mods consist of putting the 400ci crank and pistons in, with a decent compression ratio like 9:1 or 10:1 etc, a 4bbl intake and a camshaft similar to the 1971 351 cobra jet profile or a replacement for the same.

They are burdened with smog junk from the factory but they still have a lot of potential.

Can you show us photos of the engine compartment?

How easy is it to access the sparkplugs? How does it run or drive? Are the A/C and power steering hooked up?

Usually it’s 351 Cleveland engines that get swapped into earlier fords. A 351/400M type engine swap is less common.

It might’ve been a situation where the previous owner wanted to keep the car running no matter what was under the hood or maybe that was the only engine he could afford.

Excuse me the M I referred in the vin code. My 69 cougar has the factory 351 Windsor 4 barrel. I was trying to find out the factory location of the harness coming out the fire wall to the voltage regulator alternator solenoid harness. On my car the harness goes across the top of engine. I was asking if anybody can help. Thank you

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You may want to pick up one of these https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/am0028.html?sessionthemeid=26 and all the other 1969 assembly manuals.

I bought the set for my 68 and found that they are pretty much essential for working on the car.

OMG, This is so simple to understand.
The drivers side is considered to be the left hand side of the vehicle, passenger is the right side.
The ONLY wiring that is routed along the passenger side is the speed control (if equipped) and the convertible top wiring (if equipped) & the hood light
The MAIN engine compartment wiring from the firewall is routed along the drivers side to the front radiator support, across that to the
passenger side where it goes to the alternator, voltage regulator, solenoid and battery.
The engine gauge wiring (temp,oil pressure & coil) lays across the top of the engine next to the left (drivers) valve cover and is held in place by clips.
See the attached diagrams for routing.
speed ctrl.pdf (490 KB)
engine cmpt.pdf (798 KB)
body wrg.pdf (733 KB)

Having seen so many examples: It is easy to assume that the wiring you see under the hood or under the dash is where it is supposed to be when in reality it is no where close to where it started out. SO what you see may not be what others are seeing.

All I was doing was providing the information the original poster requested.
If subsequent owners start modifying or changing things around from what the car left the factory with, then the current owners will have to deal with it.

Abosolutely. I was actually thinking about the electrical debacle in my '68 XR7 4 speed. The previous owner had decided that the way to “fix” the turn signals was to run new wires to all four corners. Only at some point they must have discovered that the brake lights use the same set of filaments in the tail lights as the signals. So when you hit the brakes it back fed the new circuit. This fried a few wires. So the PO decided to “repurpose” some of the wires that had not yet been burned up. Until finally the new un-fused circuit shorted to ground and burned up in a major sort of way. Ample use of electrical tape wound around combinations of old and new wires concealed much of the dumbfckery. I am very fortunate to have another nearly identical car right next to this one so I could see what was buggered. I have more than a few hours to get it back to stock configuration and working again.

It seems I run across this guy’s work about every other week or so. He really gets around!

Thank you I was able to fix the wire harness with your help an knowledge