1969 Cougar 351W for sale

:smiley: Remembered an important detail :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s time for a hard decision for me and an opportunity for you. I’m not happy with my time and ability to take car of my beautiful Cougar. So, I’ve reluctantly decided to let her go to a new home. We’ve had a great 25-years together. But, she deserves someone that can really care for and enjoy her.
She is a base model, no complicated electrical extras. Although that model year provided all of the bells and whistles(according to the original owner’s manual that is in the glove box).
The engine is the great 351 Windsor. I’ve kept the 2-barrel carb unchanged. The engine was rebuilt and tuned for unleaded gas in 1996. The transmission was rebuilt in 2005. :smiley: After-market headers were added along with a large-bore dual exhaust during the rebuild. :sunglasses:
In 2003 Mustang Paradise (MP) in Colorado Springs, CO completed a down to the frame body rebuild and repaint to the factory original yellow-gold. She glows on a sunny day. I have a small amount of paint for touch-up. MP acquired a second spare tire and rim and two spare original era Mercury hubcaps that are included. The white vinyl top was also restored and to this day has only a few spots.
I drove her regularly and swapped out the original Philco AM radio for a newer AM/FM/cassette with added mini-speakers up front. The Philco is in a box in the trunk.
I ordered an interior upholstery kit. It’s still in the box. Like I said, I’m not pleased with the time I can devote to her.
We’re in Northern Colorado. Get in touch, soon.

Are you sure that the car has a C4 transmission? It should have had an FMX from the factory. It looks like a nice car. Good luck with the sale.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Good catch, thanks! There was something that surprised the shop when I did the rebuild in 2005. I’ll check that when it’s on a rack next week. ~Ralph

How much?

Hi DaveK, I’m waiting for some appraisals to come back. Thanks for asking. She’s not a gift, I’m looking for a fair price. I’m surprised that 75 people have viewed the photo. ~Ralph