1969 Cougar 390 3spd

Can someone lookup in their Cougar by the numbers book and tell me how many 1969 Cougars with a 390 3 spd were built? Give me both stats if it is broke down between 2v and 4v. Got a friend here at work that we use to do work projects together until he transferred to the Carolina’s. Just BS with him in a meeting this morning and I knew his dad had a 69 Cougar he bought new. Last week his Dad turn the keys and title over to him.

Wow, that’s rare. 61 total Cougars made with the S-code 390-4V (there is no 2V listed) and code 1 trans (3-speed manual) for 1969.

That number becomes broken down very easily by adding other factors like standard hartop / XR7 / convertible / color combo / etc. It wouldn’t take much to make a “1 of 1” claim I think.

I believe the 3 speed was standard, 4 speed and auto trans were extra cost.

That would be true on all early Cougars. But not very many got a 3 speed.

Thanks Andrew, I’ll post up some pictures when he sends them. Very nice original paint Cougar with 72,000 miles on it. I’ve encourage him to get a Marti report and report the vin to the data base.