1969 Cougar Conv. Stanard ALL ORIGINAL

Selling my 1969 cougar conv. all original paint,top,interior and the 90,000 miles 351 motor. Has the rare factory 3speed floor shifter with a possi rear. Everything works and drives great.Always garaged located in New Jersey.Price $21,500

Wow! Original paint? Do you have the marti report? Get some more pics, especially the underside and I can sell that for you if it is really a 9 or close. A 69 vert with original paint and low miles is arguably the most sought after Cougar there is.

How old are those pics? Looks like Kodachrome…

Almost looks like scans from an original brochure! Notice the optional spinners on the caps.

I’m assuming it’s a manual but what options does it have?
Power steering?
Front discs?
Lovely looking car,

Yep, those spinners came on my (very rough) car as well! Have those (beat up) hubcaps sitting in the basement (since it is very hard for me to throw things out!). I need professional help…

The manual transmission (3 speed) is a plus in my book! Perfect to replace with a TL 4 speed! I have a real nice TL 4 speed one if you need one, LOL.

We like our manuals on this side of the Atlantic but I can only drive autos nowadays :frowning:
But it’s an easier way to drive :slight_smile:

I went to see the car today because it’s fairly local to me it needs everything way overpriced $10,000 car tops

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Only option is power steering

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Just like my first cat except mine was a '70 HT. Nothing but PS. Manual drum, 3 speed manual, standard (as opposed to XR7). Was a great starting point for “Cleveland Rocks”.

Just curious, what’s “everything”? Also, where you located (and where in NJ is the car)? I am in CNJ.

I see two working headlights! That rules out “everything”, LOL!

The car is in Lincoln park. Rust starting on inner fenders and quarters. Paint is shot. Top is shot. Aftermarket gauges installed with a spoon in the dash. Decent frame rails and torque boxes but even those need work. Blows a bit of smoke which is normal for 90k miles. Virtually optionless for $21.5k?? Too little car for the money. The pics you see here are probably 20 years old or more. No trying to be an asshole here, but the guy needs a reality check.

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That’s fair Dave, just wanted a little more insight. Thanks.


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My 70 Convt has 129,000 still doesn’t blow any smoke. This car may have more than 90,000.

I looked at this car also…about 10 years ago, and it was all there, zero options, and rotted to $hit. The seller is basically delusional, as he represents it as all original, but the lower 1/4s and lower doors consist of pop-riveted aluminum, covered with a thin layer of bondo with a Maaco paint job on top. It had a traler hitch on it & the body corrosion is consistant with the back half being immersed in salt water regularly, as if to launch a boat.

Basically if the car was free, you’d be upside down in it before you got it ready for paint.

Stay away, this one has “ECI” written all over it.