1969 cougar electrical issue

Ok guys i have replaced my altenator, battery, voltage regulator , coil and still have parasitic drain that is killing the car! 351 W . Also when is running the gas gauge and temp gauge work sporadically, prior to mepicking up this car the battery was relocated to trunk and all ac componates removed. I am at wits end trying to keep charge. Any ideas will be really appreciated. Thanks

You could disconnect the battery? I know it sounds stupid but I do it and I don’t have an electrical drain, I just don’t drive it much. Another is to use a voltmeter and disconnect one fuse at a time - that should show what is causing the drain.

The gauges could be where the wire harness plugs into the back of the instrument panel, Having same problem with mine. Fortunately my dashboard is still not reassembled. You may have two problems. The plug just pushes in and does not really lock in place.

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