1969 Cougar Eliminator

I am the owner of an original 1969 Eliminator here in Australia, Yellow M code,Vin No 9F91M585318 .
All eliminator parts are there Except Chin Spoiler ( gone years ago) Marti report says Rear Spoiler delete.
Rim Blow Wheel, side stripes, Slotted Wheels White Interior & hood scoop still there, Sequential Lights still work as does Head light doors .
Edelbrock Performer & Carter Carb fitted in Mid Seventies, now ready for the road. I am from Melbourne. No pics at present.

It is one of nine that are known 1969 Eliminators that were spoiler delete. I do not know how many were actually produced. How about some pictures.

Yup, we need pictures or it doesn’t exist!

He can’t take a picture of the spoiler because it was deleted



My understanding is that they came in the trunk on a spoiler delete, probably long since removed though.

Where abouts are you in Oz?


Sorry about large pic of Eliminator, only one I have at present’ it is in Melbourne. Trying to find my way around the site.

Looking good so far, thanks for posting.

Very cool, Malcolm! I remember seeing your car listed last year - don’t see a lot of them out of Australia, that’s for sure!
Another great online resource is the Australian Cougar group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mercurycougarsofaustralia/

I have some pics from the sale listing for your car that I can share. It looks like it has great potential! Looks like it also had a dealer-added vinyl roof at one time.

That listing also included a picture of the “spoiler delete” document from Marti Auto Works, which is a great doc to have!

Some other good documents to add to your collection would include the original Ford factory invoice, which you can also purchase from Marti Auto Works. And you might think about looking under the carpets to try and find a factory build sheet. Even if it is stained black as sin they can often be made readable again (let us know if you need help with that).

To add to what Dave mentioned, all of the spoiler delete Eliminators found so far have been DSO 528020 cars. You will find that code on your door tag under DSO. The 528020 code breaks down to 52 being the original destination region of southern California, and 8020 being the special order code indicating “spoiler not installed” (aka “Spoiler Delete”). Like Dave mentioned, the spoilers were apparently shipped in the trunk for the dealer to install, if they or the customer so desired.
I’ve exchanged emails with the grandson of an original owner of another “8020” Eliminator and his grandmother told him that the spoiler was originally in the trunk of the car when she bought it. She didn’t like it, so it was never installed, and she ended up giving it away to someone. The grandson eventually tracked one down to replace it with and had it installed.

Here is a snip of the remarks section of the build sheet from 9F91M585319, which is a nearly identical car built right after yours!

Thank you for the great info , i really enjoy finding out about this sort of information, the Eliminator has been sitting covered some where since 1987 hence the june 87 sticker on Registration plate, i have enjoy this minor rebuilt immensely.