1969 Cougar Grill Removal?

Hello Cougar Friends,

I am trying to disassemble my 69 grill for restoration. I have removed the center section already but Im a bit stumped on how to remove the 3 piece shaft in order to get the headlight assemblies out. FYI…I have not removed the fenders.

Is there left to right play in the center shaft to where I can hammer on the threaded headlight door end to remove the shaft ends?

I had all the grill bolts removed but put them back in because the grille was flexing a little.

Whats the trick?


If there are hairpin clips in the center part of the shaft pull them out. The center shaft can then slide to one side or the other to disengage from one side, then moved the other way to disengage from the other. There is a bolt at the outside ends of the shafts, next to the headlights that needs to be removed after disengaging the headlight door springs.

Thank you! That really helped me get a mental picture of what to do. So I’m thinking if I dont have that side to side movement of the center shaft it may be time for some penetrating oil and possibly even some heat to break them loose

Penetrating oil will help for sure.