1969 Cougar headlight switch interchangeable with 1969 Mustang one?

My son’s 69 Cougar headlight switch failed, and I have a spare 69 Mustang one I’m thinking of shipping to him if it’ll work. Now I recall the COugar’s have vacuum ports on the switch b/c of the hideaway headlights, but he’s converted to an electric closing system. I’m not sure how that get it’s signal, actually as I was not part of the install and the car is not here for me to look at.

Anyone know if he can use the mustang one, since he converted to the electric hideaways?

The vacuum switching was mechanical and had no electrical connection. The Mustang switch should work electronically. I am not sure the mounting is the same.

The 69 Mustang switch should mount to the 69 Cougar dash and connect to the Cougar harness in this case. The lower (metal) dash panel is the same in both cars.

I have heard that the best way to connect the trigger for the relay i n the electric door conversion is to tap the wire going from the headlight switch to the high beam switch.

Thanks for the replies. It sounds like it’s worth mailing it out to him to give it a shot,

yes. The vacuum is no longer needed.
use the muskrat part