1969 ( Disc Brakes ) Master Cylinder Rebuild ( kit ? )

I’m running into many ( all ? ) dead ends trying to locate the 1969 Cougar ( with front disc brakes ) master cylinder rebuild kit. The Ford service kit part number was C9ZZ-2004-A. It seems to be unobtanium, as a Ford part ( NOS ) or from ANY of the aftermarket suppliers - all seem to indicate no stock or no longer available or discontinued. What have the ‘enlightened’ ones on here been doing as a work around on this ?

Wouldn’t even consider trying to rebuild a master cylinder for a 50+ year old car. If it has sat for any period of time there will be rust in the bore that will cause the rebuild to fail. Buy a new master from WCCC. What you should consider doing if you like your paint is switching over to Dot 5 silicone. However, you’ll have to replace every rubber part in the car, but the good new is, zero paint damage.

I think I have a spare master cylinder in my garage. PM me if you want me to look for it.

Just get this one.


Rebuilt my share. No real reason unless you just don’t want to put in the effort or you doing the task for a car your not concerned about staying with the original/stock look. Never had one pitted to need to have the bore repaired but there have been companies out there for decades that will resleeve the master cylinder so you can keep your original

Just a possibility and an option

Here is one just like the one Royce shows, just not painted. $74.75

I believe the kit you want is a Raybestos mk549. Assuming you have a 1 inch bore.