1969 ( Disc Brakes ) Master Cylinder Rebuild ( kit ? )

I’m running into many ( all ? ) dead ends trying to locate the 1969 Cougar ( with front disc brakes ) master cylinder rebuild kit. The Ford service kit part number was C9ZZ-2004-A. It seems to be unobtanium, as a Ford part ( NOS ) or from ANY of the aftermarket suppliers - all seem to indicate no stock or no longer available or discontinued. What have the ‘enlightened’ ones on here been doing as a work around on this ?

Wouldn’t even consider trying to rebuild a master cylinder for a 50+ year old car. If it has sat for any period of time there will be rust in the bore that will cause the rebuild to fail. Buy a new master from WCCC. What you should consider doing if you like your paint is switching over to Dot 5 silicone. However, you’ll have to replace every rubber part in the car, but the good new is, zero paint damage.

I think I have a spare master cylinder in my garage. PM me if you want me to look for it.

Just get this one.


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Rebuilt my share. No real reason unless you just don’t want to put in the effort or you doing the task for a car your not concerned about staying with the original/stock look. Never had one pitted to need to have the bore repaired but there have been companies out there for decades that will resleeve the master cylinder so you can keep your original

Just a possibility and an option

Here is one just like the one Royce shows, just not painted. $74.75

I believe the kit you want is a Raybestos mk549. Assuming you have a 1 inch bore.

Posting on gah’s 10 months old topic, I ran into sourcing issues for a 1969 Disc Brakes (Bendix) Master Cylinder Rebuild kit in January 2023. Out of stock is what I was finding most everywhere I checked. gah, where did you end up sourcing your rebuild kit from? I found NPD had a kit in stock, and ordered their mk549 kit (2004-4) for 1" boree, same Raybestos part number that 70scj4pvert mentioned last July in this topic string’s last post. The NPD Kit wasn’t mentioned as being a Raybestos kit. Attaching a photo of the NPD kit in the package, and the take out pistons from my master cylinder next to it. Not sure what brand the take out kit was, but it’s pistons on primary (front disc circuit?) and secondary are larger center piston diameter, a more robust design. There’s a number 763 imprinted on the take out’s primary piston. Am just now getting set to install the kit in my re-sleeved original Bendix master cylinder and rebuilt booster Has anyone here used this NPD supplied MK549 kit?

Hi Cou_Gar: Here’s a couple of images of the Raybestos KM549 MC rebuild kit. I obtained this from another Forum member, with a NOS parts swap. I can’t say for sure what the original pistons look like, as I haven’t got them out yet.
It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a lot of variation in the piston bodies - depending upon the manufacturer, and the time period of their being made.
Lots of soaking in Evaporust ( as far as I can tell the bore is OK ), and now soaking in ‘Deep Creep’ . It that doesn’t allow me to extract the pistons, I’ll have to resort to the hydraulic method.

gah, did your Raybestos KM549 kit come with the replacement brass tube seats?
On disassembly of your master cylinder, to remove the internal pistons, be sure and remove the stop bolt on the bottom of the master cylinder to allow the pistons to release. Most of the 69 Bendix 2227161 master cylinders have a button head style stop bolt with an allen wrench in center, and some have a hex headed bolt on the bottom.

Hi Cou_Gar: Yes the MK549 Raybestos MC rebuild kit came with two brass seats. I checked the size with my digital caliper and they were both the same size. The original MC had two seats, one large and one small. The two seats in the MK549 matched the larger one. So I had to source the smaller one ( https://www.musclecarresearch.com/ ) I knew about the removal of the hex headed bolt from the MC in order to remove the two pistons. That was OK - just the pistons are stuck, as I said in a previous post. Still soaking, and soaking …

I was able to remove the pistons on mine with compressed air into the forward port of the MC