1969 Door Latch C9AZ-6221812/3-A ( springs )

Does anyone have a source for the three springs that are found in the 1969 / 70 Cougar ( as well as a lot of other Fords ) door latch mechanism. I know that one of the springs is reproduced in stainless steel - which I believe is the “toggle spring” ( at WCCC as item # 14307 ). It is the spring I have marked in the red box.

I have contacted ACP and they couldn’t / wouldn’t help me. They only sell complete units ( and I really don’t want a repro. latch ) and wouldn’t tell me where they obtain, or who manufactures the latch assembly for them.

I know I could go and get some ‘just close enough’ springs from Lowe’s ( and modify them ) but I’d rather not face the problem of the latch failing to open properly, or getting stuck, etc. because the spring is not sufficiently strong enough ( incorrect diameter ), or some other issue.

I notice that AMK has a lot of springs ( with Ford hardware numbers ), are any of these the required springs ?