1969 Eliminator 351 Windsor

Interesting … learn something new every day!!

Thank you guys. Incredible all the knowledge we find here!

Great expanation on the color of the water pump. Since mine is black and I know it had not been changed.
Thanks for the input!

Does anyone know what the original tires were on the 69 Eliminators? I have the Goodyear white raised letters on mine. Would like to know also where to get them.

Mine had the Goodyear Polyglas RWL F70/14 tires.

They would also be what is referred to as “no size”, which means that the tire size is not in RWL, only “Goodyear” and Polyglas"

Try here: https://www.universaltire.com/goodyear/performance-series/f70-14-goodyear-custom-wide-tread-rwl-ns.html

Also, Rusty on the Boss 302 forum sells for Kesley tire. You can give him a try.

I am posting this to all members here. I am offering up fresh Goodyear Reproduction tires being delivered straight from Kelsey tire. I deal with everyone on an individual basis. Please contact me with the size and number of tires that you are looking for, and a zipcode for shipping quote. My cell phone is 816-654-3400.

I recognize that pricing is required by the admin, but my pricing is lower than can be advertised per my agreement with Kelsey Tire. All of my pricing is lower than the posted pricing from Kelsey Tire. As an example, F60-15 Polyglas GT elevated size retail for $260/ tire and I am below that pricing.

I look forward to helping many Boss owners!!!


Wow, I want to thank all of you for your input on my 69 Eliminator. I did end up pulling the engine,trans and having the engine compartment striped and painted then all was restored to new condition. I will get some pics up soon.