1969 Eliminator 351 Windsor

I have had this eliminator since 1974 and it has only 76k miles. I am looking at pulling the engine and trans and cleaning and painting all of the engine and compartment.

  1. I was trying to find original pictures of the engine compartment
  2. Exact colors to use and where.
    Any help with this would be really great

How bad does it look now? Show us some pictures. They are only original once so unless it is really bad you might find people appreciating it as is.

I agree with Brian, you might find it is best to just clean and not do any repaint. You also may want to be careful with the cleaning agents used so as only remove dirt and grime, not original markings.

There is no harm in removing the engine and transmission in order to be able to effectively clean everywhere.

Is your Eliminator in the registry?

Here are photos of mine after restoration …

I will have to do it later the pics I have look to big to upload

Yeah, Take out the engine and tranny and detail everything is it’s not too bad. You would be surprised what car wax and some elbow grease will do inside of an engine compartment. Takes a lot of effort to do it right.

Hey Fellahs,

I exchanged an email with Fjaros and he sent me a few pics to post up…

These are from 2008;

And here is his current work-in-progress on the water pump;

Looks very familiar!! I’ve been there several times already … AFTER the restoration was complete; once to fix a coolant leak, and then earlier this year to replace the front main seal.

Maybe its just faded, but it looks like the engine was previously repainted in Ford light blue, rather than the darker Ford corporate blue used on '67-'73 Cougars.

Looking at the engine pictures it looks like the originality of the engine bay has been pretty well disturbed. looks like the top end of the motor has been a part and painted a lighter blue. Some components changed with non-correct aftermarket parts. need to repair the shock towers where holes have been made to access the upper A arm bushings. My opinion is to go ahead and restore the engine bay as there is no harm in disturbing what is there. Harry gave you some real good pictures to use and you can always ask questions here. Use the dark corporate blue paint on the engine. There are several different paints you can use for the black in the engine bay. I prefer the PPG brand DP90 epoxy prime which can be used in the engine bay.

Yes, I did try to touch it up some years ago not thinking it was a big deal. There are some parts that were changed like the regulator,wires,cap and battery. I really glad Harry sent me those pics, it will help make things better and faster. I have the original wheels,caps and trim rings, just not sure about putting them back on. The one thing I am missing is the steering wheel. In 1976 the horn started to blow by its self because the contacts in the wheel stuck. So!!! at the time my budding said lets just put a chrome one in and we threw out the original :frowning: If anyone has or know where I can get one without having to give my first born up please let me know.
Thanks for all the info and I will keep posting after I start the work, should be starting next week.

Any idea’s for the A arm bushing’s? The holes were put there because of the noise and we could not get a grease fitting in without making the hole.

This is what I did: http://static.cougarpartscatalog.com/374714-sk.html

90-degree adapters with long zerk fittings so you can grease from below.

“If anyone has or know where I can get one without having to give my first born up please let me know”.

Did your Eliminator have the three spoke rim blow wheel? I have a few and would sell one. Price range from $300 to $600 depending on what condition you want. Complete center pad $100 to $150.

All 69 Eliminators had the 3 spoke rim blow steering wheel as that was a part of the interior decore package.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Yeah, the '70 is when you could get the 2 or 3 spoke, depending on if you optioned the standard (2-spoke) or decor (3-spoke) interior.

Fjaros, would you be able to post a pic of the door data tag? That would give us some info on car options, production info, etc. And Dave W. could see if it is in the Eliminator Registry or not.

Thank you did not know they made anything like that

Great job Harry… Wow!
2 questions though:

  1. PS fluid reservoir looks like painted black on early pics while blue at the end. Is it just an illusion on pics or is it real? If real, then what would be the correct color for this part?
  2. Water pump painted blue: was it like that brand new? (I ask since I read elsewhere it was kind of alu or silver, not sure).


  1. The PS pump was black when I first started; it’s is supposed to be a light turquoise blue; I picked Duplicolor Bright Aqua Metalllic (43 WA9796). Some guys tell me it should be a bit bluer and lighter but when I compare it to an original my builder had at the shop, it looks pretty close.
  2. The water pump is painted engine color, painted when mounted on engine.


Ford used two different power steering pump suppliers. If there is a “F” in the middle line of the tag on the back of your pump, then it is a Ford Thompson and should be dark blue metallic. If there is a “W” on the bottom line of the tag on the back of your pump, then it is a TRW and should be black.