1969 Eliminator Blackout Reference Info


Here are some reference pics and information for the blackout details on the 1969 Cougar Eliminator, as well as other items that were painted black - and a few that are not supposed to be painted black.

This information is correct to the best of my knowledge. If I have something wrong please let me know and we can investigate further, and correct / update the information here.

1969 Eliminator Exterior Blackout Summary

1969 Eliminator Black Trim

  • Headlight Doors

A good paint choice for these items is SEM Trim Black (SEM 39143, 20oz Aerosol)

Front / Grille Blackout

  • Headlight doors are blacked out except for the top and bottom wide chrome bands. The Eliminator headlight door blackout paint was applied over chrome.
  • Center grille outward facing surfaces are unpainted chrome.
  • The top horizontal surface of the headlight doors and center grille are painted black.
  • The rock guard panel, located behind the front bumper and below the headlights, is painted Body Color.
  • The front of the fenders (behind the headlight assemblies) were painted Body Color.
    1969 Body Color behind Headlights_#2.jpg

Other Blackout Items

While not unique to Eliminators, the following items were are commonly missed - or misunderstood - during restoration!

Rocker Panel Lower Pinch Welds

  • It is currently believed that “dark” colored cars did not receive blackout paint on the rocker panel lower pinch welds*
  • Painted black the entire length of the rocker panel starting from behind the front wheel / underneath the front fender and continuing to the end of the rear quarter behind the rear wheel.

    Engine Bay Firewall Pinch Weld

*Engine bay firewall pinch weld paint scheme changed during production. The approximate change date is currently believed to be around Apr 20th, 1969.

Wicked cool stuff. Thanks Mike!