1969 Mercury Cougar Coupe Rolling Shell / Rust Free

Stripped down shell with nothing but a cracked steering wheel and four bald tires. Sanded to bare metal, no rust, perfect floors, cleanest uni-body shell you will ever find. $1500 Firm, comes with clean title and nothing else. 503-463-1130, pics coming ASAP.

Don, You may want to include the build date for the car when you post the pictures.

Dave, good point.
VIN 9F93M576xxx
Door tag date is 02F or June 2, 1969. Very late car. Was an air conditioned car, so it does have the fire wall cutout for the evaporator tubes.
West Coast car with an DSO 53 - Oakland, California.
Buck tag and door tag included with shell.

Some pics from Don’s phone…

BUMP… Would like to see this depart before the rain starts.

Ahhhr - remember the good old days when you could get a driver quality running car for $1500 -think it was in the last century

LIght Ivy Yellow, black interior - nice looking combination! XR7-7 to boot.

Ugg… why couldn’t it be a '70?

I’m with Leon. I’m used to them coming with all the rest of the car for that much money. I guess I’m still behind the times.

FOR WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Why couldn’t it be a '68? It’d be only 300 less than I paid for my Cougar.

Price out fixing a car that needs 1/4’s, roof repair, floors, cowl with rust in various seams and because this body is steel makes this body is a steal.

For cutting up into leetle bitty pieces and replacing bad sheet metals and poor previous repairs :wink:

So much easier to find room for pieces of car than having to store a whole car though, LOL!

SOLD! For $2500 with fenders and doors.

I need to give you my fixer-uppers to sell. Even with your fee I’d make more than I’d get for them on this side of the planet

And I should give you my 1950 Singer Roadster!

No kidding!

I’m interested and looking into shipping costs currently. I will keep you posted in what i find out.