1969 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Convertible 390 5-Speed On BAT

I’d bet this is someone here’s.

Nice car. Wonder what transmission they used behind that 390

says T-5 from mustang

That’s a weak transmission behind a 390. It might be OK for a 289 or 302.

Nice vert, I agree that trans is pretty light for a FE

Looks great. Some undercarriage photos would be beneficial.

Those t-5 s have taken plenty of abuse from supercharged sbfs and plenty of drag racing. As long as the tires spin its ok. most people will burn a clutch before breaking the trans.

The T5 used in 1989 is the light version. The HD ones came around 1994 I think. That 390 produces a lot more torque than a 1989 Mustang. If one were to supercharge the 302 the transmission would last a couple times maybe.