1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible SOLD

Saw this same Cougar on Craigslist for like $27k Crazy right? But I posted it because I think it’s a California car and someone might be interested in that.
Well just saw it again on eBay this time with no reserve, so I thought I should post a up date.
Anyway I don’t own the car and just putting it out there for the Community to check out.


Glad you posted this. I’m curious how much this sells for. I don’t think 27K is crazy unless there is alot of hidden rust.

Since this Cougar is located in San Jose, CA, I messaged the company, “kristine1322” asking them for the second letter in the VIN. I acknowledged their NOT placing the VIN in the eBay listing, may have been for potential security reasons. They politely responded with the complete VIN ( ! ). This Cougar was produced in Dearborn, which surprised me. My Cougar XR-7 was assembled in San Jose, and I thought this one, for sale in San Jose might have been made there, as well. I’ve seen San Jose assembled 1969 Mustang convertibles, so I reasoned that a Cougar convertible coming from the Milpitas assembly plant, might be destined for sale through a local L-M dealership. Just my curiosity, I guess.

As far as I know, all 69 Cougars were produced in Dearborn. My car was built in Dearborn and delivered to Palo Alto, CA.

San Jose did build 1969 model year Cougars, however, they stopped building Cougars in November of 1968. IIRC all Cougars produced at San Jose were hardtops.

Learn something every day. Thanks for sharing.