1969 or 1970 Intermittent Wiper Controller Wanted

Hi all, does anyone have an intermittent wiper control box for a 69 or 70? I’d like to add the option to my car. Part #C9ZB-17C476. I have the switch already.

Picture for reference. My 70 Mustang actually had this option from the factory.


If your not looking for concourse authenticity, I installed the electronic intermittent wiper module from an early 1980’s F150. Its plug and play with the exception of adding a ground wire. NPD sells the kit, (box and switch), but mine was a junkyard pullout for cheap.

I would be very interested in knowing more about your intermittent wiper upgrade.


Appreciate the post, that mod is a good one and is basically what Ford went to in 1971. I have a loaded 428 CJ convertible and this was one of the few options it didn’t have. Was thinking of rounding out the options list.

For a 69 and 70 it is an easy swap to take one from a 80’s - 90’s ford truck. I have a few set ups in my garage

I have the wiper delay box if still interested. Don’t know if it is still any good. Has correct part
Mustang part numbers. Been in storage for 30 plus years.

Good afternoon. Yes, I’m still interested. I’ll send you a message.

I remember there was a wiring change when using the 80s-90s truck wiper switch to allow the windshield washer to work (Just moving one wire in the plug). I have one of these in my 69 XR 7 and it works well.

I have found them to be plug and play. No mods needed.

Received the wiper controller today - great part thanks again!