1969 power steering help/recommendation

:think: any recommendations for a power steering for my 1969 cougar … I posted pictures and it is leaking forming a grease puddle

Looks like it has never been rebuilt since the car was built. I would take the PS control valve, the slave cylinder, and the pump off. Send them to Chockostang for rebuilding. Then order a new set of hoses from Blue Dot.

Blue Dot: https://bluedotspecialties.com/
Chockostang: http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/

Thanks for the advice :blush:whats the difference between me just ordering the package new from chokostang ? is it better to rebuild the original ? I really don’t want to have to wait and would rather just install and use.

Biggest problem is the Edelmann hoses don’t fit well. The other components are just rebuilt ones like yours. By sending the ones in that you have you saves a lot of cash.

PM me if you’d like a used 69 PS rig for a $100 song + shipping.

That’s not a leak; the car is simply trying to mark its territory.

All this stuff is available from summit and eBay,
i bought the whole deal off Summit and seams to work fine …
Its all basic tech so a breeze to fit.

One year at the Carlisle Ford Nationals I was tasked with babysitting a Cobra Jet GT-E Cougar that was on display in the main building, along with dozens of the finest restored and modified Cobra Jet Fords and Mercurys you’re likely to ever see in one place.

I needed to stay 'till the bitter end and when the building emptied out I’d never seen as many puddles of power steering fluid in my life :laughing:

  • Phillip

Thanks for the links guys, The Pix above looks just like my 69, dirt, grease and everything else. I was wondering who broke into my garage :laughing:

I talked to the guy at Chockostang, nice guy, gonna try him.

Did I do something wrong? I rebuilt my hydraulic components many years ago and there has never been a drop from it.

Slacker! LOL

Rebuilt mine a couple of years ago now…the cardboard on the floor takes months before it needs replacing, not days.

I’d add some sawdust to the power steering reservoir… :think: :mrgreen:

Phillip, I love your comment on the leaky cars. I saw the video on the green one. Meticulous restoration and still leaked. Makes us budget restorers feel great :smiley:

If this was my 68 CJ GTE, my apologies. The leak is coming from the 4 speed tranny, not the PS. Still need to get it taken care of!

i never thought 4 speeds leaked since they have grease not fluid. Wow you learn a new thing every day

Older manual transmissions use 80-90W oil, similar to differentials. Newer ones, like T5s, use ATF.

I was getting a lot of PS fluid leaking from the control valve on my 66 Mustang. Turned out to be a restrictive return hose. Looked like a PO had crushed the tube with a jack or something. Replaced the hose, no more leak.

I kinda like the electric power steering options to ditch everything all together. No more leaks! Ever!

LOL! Just to clarify, I was talking about many of the other FE powered Fords on display, not Joe’s awesome Cobra-Jet GT-E.

I sat and watched every one of them be taken out.

The GT-E was literally the last car sitting where it had been displayed, and the only one I did not see under because when I got in it and drove it out of the building I didn’t look back :laughing:

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