1969 Power Steering questions

I’ve struggled for years with my 69 Cougar power steering. I’ve had everything replaced from pump, reservoir and control valve (twice!). I continue to have the problem of the actual feel of the steering.

While driving down the road at 25 or 30 miles an hour, if I turn the wheel to the right or left 5 to 10° and let go of the wheel, there is no bounce back to center and the car just continues on the path to the right/left. When driving higher speeds on single lane roads with a crown, the car constantly wants to pull one way or the other and it’s a bear to keep on the road. Even at lower speeds on as bumpy road the car over compensates for the bumps and just won’t go smoothly down the road.

The only thing I haven’t done (and it’s next on the list) is new tires and alignment. I’ve got to be missing something. Any suggestions??

Alignment or the over center adjustment of the gear. Or both.

Sounds like tires or alignment. Both are critical to the issue stated.

Thanks much. I’ll continue down my original plan and see how things transpire.

Have you rebuilt the idler arm?

Have your alignment shop align your car as a 2005 crown vic…you ll love it