1969 Rear Window Tinted

Looking for a 1969 Tinted Rear Window in good condition.

I have one. Im located in Chicago area, where ae yoou located

I am in the Seattle area.

I have a brand new one that was shipped to me w/ a few scratches. I could not use it on the show cat I am doing. Located in Denver Co.

That sounds good. I am waiting on Badcat to check his stash. He is only a hour away. Shipping will probably cost as much as the window. Is the window you have a Carlight? My understanding is they do not make rear windows anymore? I will check back with you once I here from Neil.

Dah! Mirror for the windshield. I have none and using the 70 mount makes more sense than removing it and installing a 69 mirror.

Think I have one , will check today and let you know

Mirror or rear window?

It’s a shame that I recently had my window broken by some stupid kids.

Sorry,mirror.I took a couple of pictures,give me an email or number I can text to

The rear glass is brand new. NO Carlite logo, tinted.

I also have new inside rear view mirrors & used ones too.

I have one that I can send you pic of. Not sure how expensive it would be to ship from Chicago area to Seattle area.

if you PM me a cell phone #, I can send pic of the rear glass I have

I finally found a rear window nearby. Thanks for the input.