1969 Sequential Light Conversion illumination question

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Need some insight, help. I have A 1969 Cougar Eliminator, a previous owner who did a wonderful restoration and changed out the rear light sequencing directional to digital, but kept the original 1157 bulbs. I noticed in the sequencing from left to right that the first bulb is bright, second one a bit dimmer and the last one is very dim. Is there an LED bulb replacement that I can use that uses less amps that would brighten them up uniformly? I want to avoid updating the system and having to rewire all.

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There are several different manufacturers of LED lights for this conversion. The box does the work, the bulbs just follow orders, right? Most auto parts stores have this available, and most are about $10 each these days, so it is not cheap, maybe a pair for $26.95, but after tax… LED 1157.
This should be a straight replacement procedure. If for some reason you have ANY difference in lumens/lighting, check for GOOD grounding, but I wouldn’t expect any issues. Gene

Excessive resistance (more than 1 ohm) in the turn signal switch, turn signal switch connector pins, or taillight harness connector can cause a voltage drop which shows up as reduced bulb intensity.
As mentioned above, the taillight bezel must have a good ground. I ran across a Cougar where rubber washers were used to mount the taillight bezels - which disables the ground.
Make sure the sealant under the taillight bezel mounting nuts does not interfere with their grounding of the bezel.

If the sequential controller, in the trunk, has been upgraded to an LED compatible version, you can switch to LEDs.
Note: The best LED taillight bulbs currently on the market are the WCCC1157R units. They have the best contrast between the brake/turn and the running lights. There is a list of compatible bulbs on my website, www.cougarsunlimited.net.

Vic Yarberry

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