1969 Std Hdtp or XR7 - Dark Aqua Exterior / Black Interior

Hello All, I am interested in buying a 69 Std Hdtp or XR7 that is in decent original condition. No Vinyl Top or Power Windows.
Dark Aqua Exterior (Gulfsteam Aqua Metallic) and Black interior is the specific color combination of the Cougar that I’m seeking to purchase.
351W engine with FMX Auto Trans, or 4-Speed Trans (4-Speed preferred). Also, having: Power Front Disc Brakes, Power Steering, & Tinted Glass.
The Cougar’s body panels need to be clean, and it’s original unibody also needs to be intact and free of rot or previous repair and/or replacement work.
I will consider a car that has had light repair work performed to it’s lower rear 1/4 panels and/or it’s trunk drop down panels replaced… if done correctly.
Paint can be good or not so good. Interior can also be good or not so good. I do not plan to have the car repainted, but will address mechanical and interior cosmetic needs. Also, the Cougar being in driving order (say… capable of a 15 minute drive through the neighborhood) is a plus, but not necessarily a must. The “survivor” Cougar that’s been parked in the garage for 10 to 20+ years without being driven will definitely be considered.
If you own or know of a 69 Cougar Std Hdtp or XR7 that fits the above description, and the car happens to be for sale… Please contact me.

Please send a P-M or call / text: 765 - Six, Six, One - Three, Zero, Seven, Eight (Indiana / EDST zone). Thank you.



Thanks for the heads up Pat :thumbup:

That looks like a good deal