1970 351 Cleveland - Idler Pulley question and help

Here is the details- 1970 M code, 351 C 4V, with Power Steering and A/C. Did Ford/ Mercury use 2 different types of IDLER pulleys or only 1?

From the Belt picture, I think I need a 1970 Idler pulley that is not like the painted “Black One” Does anyone have one of these for sale with a 1970 Date code?
AC Pully Arngmnt - 351 C

old style pulley system

Idler pulley that I don't have


My 69 351W has both. She has the three-bolt fixed idler pulley below the compressor near the P/S pump, and the two-bolt adjustable pulley attached to the compressor bracket above the fan clutch pulley. Unfortunately, mine are all in a box right now freshly back from new bearings from WCCC pending install of the new R134 setup from Classic Auto Air, or I would be able to send a picture. I’m sure someone here can snap a shot for you.

Knight717- That’s very interesting that you say your engine had 2 idler pulleys. If that is true for a 1970 351 Cleveland, then I need to search for the top one above the water pump pulley. Hopefully, I will find out what is correct for my 70 Eliminator. Thanks for the reply

My 70 cougar with the 351 cleveland 4V , A/C, P/S has 2 idler pulleys. Un-restored car.
Also note, that 1970 clevelands with A/C had different size water pump pulley.

Can you post any pictures? I can pm you with my cell for easy texting! Thanks for the response


My name is Chris and you can text pictures to my cell 209-650-5460


Two idlers in 1970, one fixed and one adjustable.
Starting in 1971 the fixed idler was eliminated and a triangulated plate was installed.

Much appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

Cougar CJ- Thanks for clarifying the 2 Idler pulley’s for a 70 351 C motor w/ Power steering and A/C. That helps a lot! I am in search for the adjustable pulley ( DOAA-8A617 C1)

Can you tell me what part number water pump pulley your car has? I have 2 different ones and not sure what is correct.

  1. C9OE-8509 G ( this is 6 - 61/64" in diameter)

  2. C9OE- 8509 - F ( this is under 6", 5 7/8" approx.)

Thank you

The 70 cougar 351 cleveland without A/C had the larger water pump pulley, the 70 cleveland with A/C had the smaller water pump pulley. The smaller water pump pulley increased pump speed to help with cooling with A/C.

1970 cougar with 4V cleveland, P/S, A/C, pulleys.

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Also, just for you information, the power steering pump is one year only. So is the bracket that holds the P/S pump to the engine.
Hold pump alongside another year pump and you will swear they are the same. The difference is in the pump outlet position. Maybe possible to fit other year pumps, but I presume oil pressure line will interfere with shock tower?
Hope the above pictures help.
Peter :slight_smile:


Hi Peter- those are awesome pictures and your the second person who mentioned the smaller F pulley is correct for A/C & Power steering. Initially, the A/c will not be hooked up, so I might leave the larger G pulley on, until I get to the A/C install.

Thanks all for your valuable advice and help.