1970 B2 Eliminator in MCR

The September 2013 edition of Muscle Car Review has a nice 4 page article on the Competition Yellow 1970 Boss 302 Super Drag Pak Eliminator that was for sale last year. It does get the numbers wrong though as it states that it is a 1 of 5.

I don’t think Kurt ever joined this forum.

They also confused the number with 4 speeds. They say that there were 469 B2 70 Eliminators made and that 323 had a 4 speed. In truth they all had a 4 speed, just some were wide ratio and some were close ratio. They call the car all original but make no mention of the aftermarket speakers in the doors. I also question the wheels on the car. There is no listing of a wheel option being chosen so shouldn’t the car have the regular steel wheels with the dog dish centers and trim rings? And what is up with the woodgrain dash pieces? It looks a lot like the XR-7 style burled walnut in the photos. The passenger side looks to also be burled walnut but without the COUGAR XR-7 emblem instead just having the standard COUGAR emblem.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Here is a link to a photobucket page for Kurt’s incredible Boss 302 Eliminator that was recently featured in Muscle Car Review; http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn288/ckarti/Cougar%20022570%20dearborn/

*Edit: Technically the car isn’t Kurt’s anymore, but I guess the pics are still his.

Sort of a hijack, but this is an old thread. How many B302 Eliminators still have their original drivetrain? Just curious.

Not very many. No way to track it, but if I had to guess maybe 25 - 40% Dave might be-able to put a better guess at it with some of the info from the registry. Three things going against a Boss Eliminator. 1. The Mustang crowd was more then willing back in the day to remove a Boss drivetrain from a Cougar to update a standard Mustang. 2. The Boss had piston fit/design issues from the factory and some of them broke piston skirts and destroyed the original block. Under warrenty Ford replaced them with D1 service blocks. Very common to see Boss 302 Mustangs & Eliminatosr with replacement block, and non original block. 3. Most people bought the Boss Eliminator to race and hot rod the crap out of it. In general, I would say it adds a little value to have the original block. But, on the flip side it really doesn’t hurt the value to have a non original block due to the piston breakage problem.

From the Boss 302 registry.
“Where is the VIN stamped on the engine block? A: The number is visible on a flat area on the driver’s side of the block just behind the intake. This flat area is about 2-1/4” long and 3/8" wide. I find it best to look between the hood and cowl at the base of the windshield when the hood is open. Take a cloth and reach around the open hood and wipe the grease away, use a flashlight and get in there. The number is right next to where the bellhousing bolts on. But it is hard to see especially if filled in with paint. Beware, the original stamping looks pretty poor, is not in line (done 1 letter/number at a time and only contains the “02 187691” without the “G”)".