1970 Competition Orange Eliminator

Just passing on the info, I know nothing about it, guy just called out of the blue from Greensboro NC. 70 comp orange, 351 / Manual 3spd / rust in 1/4’s, unrestored original car. $7000 OBO James at 336-534-5812. Do not contact me as I know nothing.

I don’t see the resemblance yet. Keep eating those chips around the office and you’ll get there :poke:
H hero.jpg

ROFL, that same image popped through my mind when I read that, Brian.


That would be this car:


Comp Gold

If anyone calls, please try to get the VIN and any door tag info to submit to the Eliminator Registry and Cougar Database.


Crap photos :eh: even tho the price is cheap,
it would hardly encourage anyone to rush over to look at it imo

Lets see… curbside philosophizing here…

Let’s say you buy it for $7k…
Could you put new floors and patch panels on, plus a “cheap” paint job for $10-15k?
Maybe swap out the 3-speed for a modern 5-speed… for what, $1000? (I admit, I have no idea what they go for)
So that would put you into it $18k-23k … call it $20-$25k for what should be a decent appearing '70 Eliminator.

Maybe? Or am I way off base?

I would think that a nice, clean '70 Eliminator driver with a manual transmission should be able to get around $20k or so if you had to sell it. Yeah, it’s originally “only” a 3-speed car, but still, manual transmissions sell. And you would still have the 3-speed in the trunk to pass on to the next owner.

Heck, KTL isn’t that far from this car. I wonder what it would cost to have Kurt make a nice driver out of it?

Shultz!!! I’ll send you to the Russian front for this!!!

Sorry. I couldn’t help it.