1970 Convertible Rear Clip w NOS Quarter Panels

For sale here are a nice pair of quarter panels for a 1970 Cougar. They were on a 1969 convertible, and the car had new quarters put on it as part of a previous paint job. They did a nice job, but unfortunately they didn’t address any of the other rust in the car and it was ultimately too far gone. I had planned to use these on my 69 but the 1970 quarters are slightly different (wider wheel opening), so I’d like to pass them on to someone who can use them. I can cut them down some from here, but by keeping it together it helps avoid damage or warping. The assembly rolls easily and can be lifted or hoisted on a trailer. As many people who restore Cougars know, finding a solid set of quarters is near impossible, and they will likely never be reproduced.

Note - I posted these on FB Marketplace but wanted to post them here as well. If anyone knows something I don’t, feel free to educate me on them. I know there’s some coupe / convertible & 1969 / 1970 differences. I wasn’t there when these were ordered & installed, so I can only share what I know.

The shipping would kill it for me- and probably most other folks…:frowning:

How true. They did sell today, going to TX for an Eliminator.

Shame if they’re going to cut up convertible quarters for a hardtop, even if it’s an eliminator.

They actually used nos 1970 hardtop quarter panels on the 1969 convertible. The part numbers are still stenciled on the inside.

Oh that’s right. Must have done the flares into the doors by hand.

I think they were put on in the 70’s. Lot of crazy stuff happened back then. All things considered they did an excellent job. Wish they were 69’s I’d be using them.

Wish they hadn’t been hacked onto a convertible! I’d have snagged them up :wink: