1970 Cougar 428 CJ Convertible 1 of 2?

Am I correct in saying there were only 2 non XR7 Cougar Convertibles with auto and RA 428?


and 1 of 4 with 428 and C-6 auto

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The stats section is based on the car model only, it does not derive from any further breakdown, such as the engine, color, etc. It’s based on the total production of that specific model, in this case the 76A standard convertible with 2,322 produced.

IMO, Marti should reformat the section to read from the top down

For the 1970 Cougar Standard convertible:

42 of the 2322 were painted Black - period
17 of the 2322 had black comfortweave interior - period.

Owning one of the 42 (albeit a much plainer example), I find it funny how people at car shows are always amazed at that stat given that today 90% of all cars are either white, black, or gray. I remind them it was the end of the '60s and wild colors were all the rage.