1970 Cougar 428 SCJ OE air cleaner and hood scoop questions

Hello, I have a 1970 Cougar 428 SCJ project. It is a standard hard top. Not XR7 nor Eliminator.
I was wondering if my car would have originally come with a hood scoop that was painted the same color as the body or would it have been black? Or possibly no scoop at all?
Also, would my car have originally come with ram air? My hood has a hole cut in it under the scoop but not sure if it is supposed to be there.
Appreciate any help.

Hi Justin,

1970 Hood Scoops were black. 1969 were painted the car color. The factory ram air cutout in the hood on a 69 had long verticle “Tabs” on each of the four sides of the cutout (front, back, right & left). Each tab is about 3" long if I remember correctly. If you have just a round hole, it was probably done by someone other than the factory.

I hope this helps.


Do you have a Marti report or other original documentation? In 1970 you can not tell by the vin if a car was ram air or not. A Marti report will answer that question.
If your standard did not have ram air then it would not have a scoop.
If it was equipped with the ram air option then there would be a scoop, it would be the same scoop as used on an Eliminator. IIRC non Eliminator scoops are body color in 1970.

You remember correctly Dave. All non-Eliminator scoops in 1970 were painted body color.

So, would the 1970 hood have the same “tabs” on the sides of the cutout as 1969 hoods?
The hole in my hood is not quite round but has no tab like edges.
Sounds like the factory drilled 4 holes with a hole saw and then cut the center out from hole to hole, leaving slight tab looking edges?

I have the Marti Report and it does not mention ram air. It says “428-4v CJ Engine” at the top and “428SCJ Engine / Drag Pack” in the features list.
Is it possible that a Super Cobra Jet included ram air automatically so maybe it would not be listed?
My car was originally blue and my hood scoop has the same color blue paint under the now black paint. I guess it is possible to have been added early on but just want to make sure.

The Marti report would list ram air in the options if it was factory equipped. Yours has been added after it left the factory and should not have a scoop.

Here is the Marti report for my 1970 428SCJ Eliminator with the ram air as the 5th call out.


anybody have a picture of these tabs?

West Coast Classic Cougars has a template for the 1970 version. The 1968 and 69 are slightly different.

Thank you very much for the Marti Report picture!