1970 Cougar 429-4v, 4-speed, fully restored

1970 Cougar, turn key, recent no expense spared restoration, mildly built 429-4v, 4-speed top loader with Hurst shifter. Disc brakes, traction bars, am/fm radio, 15 inch Magnum 500 rims, console, brand new suspension, brakes, exhaust, etc. Originally 351-4v M-Code Automatic. Rust free California car. Long time SoCal Cougar Club member who has owned the car for over 20 year. $24,000 obo. Want to sell the car to someone in the community before opening it up to the public. 818-601-0055

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Wow, you definitely can’t build that car for that money…

How hard would it be to add AC?

Oh wow. I remember seeing this car years ago at a couple shows. It was always one of my favorite Cougars I’d come across. Price seems pretty fair to me, especially considering what it would cost to build. If only I was rich and had a huge garage…

Bill we are thinking alike. First thing I looked for was the A/C. Must be a generation thing.

There’s no compressor, but the dash appears to be an A/C dash and selector. Seems a good candidate for a vintage air underhood setup that could look pretty factory.

So wish I had 24k to drop here. Beautiful cat.

Jack H. is the owner. I believe that he had 3 1970 Cougars. As I recall, sourcing a manual transmission bell housing for a 429/460 car was tough and expensive on this car.
Pretty sure that the under hood parts from most any 429 or 460 from 1970-73+? car would work. Used to be plentiful off Thunderbird and Lincoln.

Do you mean under hood?

I agree that is a good price for this Cougar. In reference to the A/C that would be the cherry on top for this Cougar. I guess as stated above it’s a generation thing. The older we get these things seem more important on our muscle cars. The youthful owner of a muscle car would probably want A/C gone ASAP because it would rob horsepower.

I like the fact that if we all didn’t know better it looks factory under the hood!