1970 Cougar convertible 351 Cleveland 4spd coming up for sale

My brother started restoring this Cougar 7 years ago. Body has a beautiful burgandy paint job with a newer top. Rally wheels. Muncie 4spd replaced the original 3 spd. Hood has the tack built in but not sure it is original. New gas tank & several other new parts. Interior and brakes need to be put back in and refreshed. Motor runs nice. My brother passed 5 years ago and my Dad picked up the task, but it is too much for him at his age. The car is in Temecula, CA and will be available for $20,000. I can forward pictures and contact info if you are interested.

Please post pictures. I think you are thinking of the Ford top loader 4 speed. Muncie is a Chevy transmission. No worries I understand the situation. No factory hood tachs but it’s still cool to see them. I wonder if your brother was a member here?

Ford sold a hood tach in the 1970’s it was a Dixco unit that was marked FORD on the dial. It would be a dealer installed item but very rare indeed.

My brother said it was a “Drag pack” edition according to the guy he bought it from.

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That would be impossible since the Drag Pack was only available with the 428CJ engine. Also Muncie is a Generic Motors transmission never available on Ford or Mercury products.

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Pics? Link? Thanks!


Cougar4.pdf (32.8 KB)

This is the text of the PDF above.

Brett Myzer century21bmyzer@yahoo.com
To: Brett Myzer century21bmyzer@yahoo.com
1970 Cougar Convertible, new master cylinder and water pump, and power steering module kit all not installed. New gas tank, fuel pump, battery, many other new
components like the molding kit are in the trunk. Windows are complete but not installed yet. New floor pan. Doors are really nice and installed correctly, open and close
like new. Hood has Tach and working hood scoop, aligns perfectly. 351 Cleveland that runs great and doesn’t sound stock.
Downside: was an automatic and was converted to standard. I have original automatic center console with shifter and I would take it back to Automatic if I keep it.”

Noe, the wheels are Magnum 500s. Great wheels for any 60’s or70’s Muscle car.