1970 Cougar Eliminator Unibody rebuild

Barn find of the year. 1-1970 Cougar Eliminator Competion Blue 351C 4 Barrel 3 speed and 1- 1969 Cougar Eliminator 351w automatic both with rusted unibodys. Is there any books or video of how to replace all the frame?

There may be videos online but mainly it is a lot of welding and work involved in rust repair. There is no easy button and no books that I am aware of. Basically remove parts at the factory joints until all the rusty parts are gone. Then start welding in the new parts.

There are good body shops that will use a squeeze type resistance welder and duplicate the factory welds. I have one do over 400 welds after i tacked it together with mig plug and fill. Eliminates a lot of grinding and body work.

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If you decide there is too much rust for you to tackle, let me know, I would be interested in making you an offer for either car. thanks, Scott in Arizona

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If you are going to replace a bunch of frame parts you may be wise to make a solid frame jig with all the mounting points set up from a good car so that you can replace and weld in the new stuff in close to original specs. If your out a bit on the frame it will affect the entire assembly afterward, which can be a big headache.


I wish it was that easy! Once you start digging, you’ll always find more. Rust never sleeps.