1970 Cougar for sale

56,000 original miles. 351C,4 speed, convertible. I have the Marti report on it. Only 11 made that year with it’s configuration. It does need a little work. Brake booster needs replaced. I have a rebuilt one from WCCC. Carpet too. I also have that. Fuse block could use some attention as well. I also have spare wires. Everything came from WCCC. Body is in very good shape. No rust. It’s in Indiana. Asking 19K. But am open to offers.

Need some pictures. Is it a standard or an XR7?

I have added a picture below. It is up on jack stands right now and will also need a master cylinder which I do not have.

Marti report
0F92M540250_dlxrpt.pdf (298 KB)

Man thats a great looking car!! GLWTS


Looks good in the picture. The Marti report is awesome. Does it still have the AM/8track?
I had an M code 70 XR-7 vert with the comp handling package, but mine was an auto. Handled like something else for an old ride.
I’d like to see more pictures, could be very interested.


Yes am 8 track but 8 eats the tapes lol…

That’s easy to fix. Can get send more pictures? Very interested, want a 70 XR7 vert since I sold the one I had.

It’s not an XR7. It’s a base model.

I’ll put in the pics I can find

Hi Dan…did you ever sell this? Thanks!

Joe Venezia

351 4 speed convertible sounds like fun!