1970 Cougar rocker moldings

Im not a big fan of the rocker moldings on my 70. How hard are they to remove? I dont want to break anything in case someone else might need them.

1970 Cougar plain jane

Unless you plan to repaint t=the rockers you will have holes all along the rocker. It’s not hard to get off. The front and rear are clips that you take a nut off from the back side)fender in front and in the lower wheel well in the rear) then it has a set of nylon clips that the rocker trim snaps on to. The nylon clips are held on with pop rivets. You can drill them to remove the clip. Then get the holes filled and paint.

Come on Neal, you are slipping. There is only a clip on the front of a 70 rocker panel moulding. The rear will have a single phillips head screw visible on the face of the moulding. Once you have the one screw and the one nut off the clip place the palm of your hands on the top lip of the moulding and gently push down on the moulding. That will release the lower edge of the moulding from the plastic clips. With the lower edge released pull it a little away from the body and then push upward to release the top edge. One additional word of advice, before you try to remove the moulding take a look over the entire length of the moulding as you may find additional screws holding it on. This is a common way that Backyard Bob used to hold the moulding on when they could not figure out the proper way to reattach it.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Old Timers, I was thinking of 69 and earlier. And yes look out for additional screws. BackYard Bob was prolific with them.

What shape are your panels I might be interested thanks dan

Hey Dannyf,

I have a set of moldings off of my 69 that are in great shape, not sure If they would work on a 70, if you’re interested let me know

I have to imagine 69 & 70 are close, as I had a set of the bullet rockers that were only ever offered on a 69 sport and placed them on a 70 XR7. If I remember the clips are similar, but I may had drilled 1 or 2 screw holes at the ends as it wraps into the wheel well. I thought they looked pretty good - too bad they were only an option that 1 year.

69 rocker mouldings are about an inch longer than the 70s. If you try putting 69 mouldings on a 70 they will stick out past the end of the rocker panel.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Too good to be true thanks for the offer but Randy’s right different lengths thanks again the surch continues

On my 69 the plastic retainers are not pop riveted on, It has the little “nail heads” similar to those that hold the windshield molding clips.

I also have the same on my early 70 which worries me weather I should get 69 or 70 panels wish I never lost my originals

I cannot remember if I had to do this and I’m not sure if the OEM rockers were 2 piece, but the repro from WCCC are. If necessary, trim the front edge of the rocker that get covered by the bullet and it will fit a 70 with no overhang into the wheel wells. It is a matter of visual preference and obviously is not correct on a 70, but I liked the look…

My 70 XR7 was set up this way…