1970 Cougar specs & options

New guy here and looking to find specs on '70 Cougars, specifically engine options and available transmissions and rear end combinations that were available(or not allowed) with certain engines. Base question is if there were 1970 429 Cougars and if so, what trannies and rear end ratios were available with the 429? Online searches didn’t give a whole lot more than standard marketing info from back in the day.
Thanks in advance!

No 429 Cougars in 1970. Not a lot of 428 CJs, The 428 CJ could be had with a C6 automatic or a close ratio 4 speed. In all body styles the 428 CJ was optional For 1970 The 351 2V was the standard power. Mostly with a FMX automatic. Early in the model year they got 351Ws later it was 351 Cleveland’s. The next step up was the “M” code 351 Cleveland 4V rated at 300 horse. Same most got the auto. If you optioned an Eliminator it’s base engine was the 351 4V or the 428 CJ but only in the Eliminator you could get a Boss 302. That engine got a 4 speed only. Close ratio or the wide ratio. I could get you numbers of how many if you need. Or you could go to Martiauto.com and order his book, Cougar, by the numbers. It has a lot of production stats.
I hope this helps some.

Oh as for 429 Boss Cougars, It was planned to be an option for the 1970 Cougar, but never happened. However 2 1969 Cougars were fitted with Boss 9s. One went to Dyno Don Nicholson and the other to Es Shartman. In some form both are around now. Dyno Don’s car was put back together and has shown up at a few shows and Ed’s was extensively rebodyed and has been at shows as well

badcatt, thanks, that’s the kind of info I was looking for. Does a 428 dictate or negate rear end options(ratios)?

I don’t believe any engine/trans combo dictated the rear gears (someone will correct me if I’m wrong). My understanding is that the 3.25 open (i.e. non-traction lok) was the standard rear gear ratio. If you optioned air conditioning, then the gear ratio was a 3.0 (open). However, you could option other ratio’s, as well as traction-lok.

With the 428, if you optioned the 3.91 or 4.30 gear ratio (both were traction-lok, or detroit locker for later 4.30’s) the engine would be upgraded from the Cobra Jet to the Super Cobra Jet (i.e. Drag Pak for 3.91 gears, or Super Drag Pak for 4.30 gears). For details on the engine differences, please visit the 428cj.org website: http://www.428cobrajet.org/

With the Boss 302, if you optioned the 4.30 gear ratio (traction-lok, or detroit locker) a cougar received the Super Drag Pak option, which included the same oil cooler, adapter, hoses, and brackets as found on the 428 super cobra jet, but no internal engine changes.

If you are really interested in production numbers, I highly recommend the book Cougar…by the Numbers. It may not answer all of your deepest questions, but it will definitely give you a good start. If you are just looking for specific numbers on a specific car you can order a Production Statistics report from Marti Autoworks. Or you can commision some research time from them if you need to know numbers for a certain combination of options.

I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesistate to ask.

One more little goodie about the 70. The standard transmission was the 3 speed manual! My no option Eliminator was a 351C, 4bbl, 3 speed, no AC, manual steering, AM radio. Ack!

Good info, the 428cj site is pretty cool, wealth of info there. An acquaintance maintains that he had a factory original '70 429 car that went 12’s in the quarter mile and 140+ top end, factory stock. I’m arguing that he either went 140 with a low rear gear or 13s-14s in the quarter mile and topped out around 110-120mph and 5800 rpm depending on whatever taller rear end gear… wasn’t trying to get into a war with him, I just became curious because I don’t know much about Ford & Mercury muscle cars.

Also read somewhere, unfortunately did not bookmark the link, that there were maybe 30 '70 429s which was conflicting with what I’ve read here and other places. If it were true I think the hunt would be on…

Hope to learn more about this guy’s old ride…

It was listed in some marketing materials and even in the owner’s manual I believe, but there were no production 429 Cougars in 1970.

Since the marketing materials, photos and advertising had to be printed well in advance of actual production the manufactures often used prototypes for the pictures and listed options and specs that were changed by the time the vehicles went on sale.

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dstryr, If you really want to know about what really avaialable in 1970, then you have several good resources.

Kevin Marti Publishes Cougar by the Numbers. This book will give you all of the production numbers for virtually every option.


Marti Auto Works also offers the 70 Cougar Illustrated Facts and Specifications Manual


Don Skinner wrote The Big Book:Mercury Cougar the classic years 1967 through 1973 THis is probably the most complete of all reference materials.


So for about $65 you can be an expert on '70 Cougars. You won’t regret it and you will have the correct answers.

As my uncle says…“Never let the facts get in the way of a good story” – this would crush his friend’s version of reality with one of the rare (1 of 30) 429 '70 Cougars… :laughing: