1970 Cougar Wheels

Anyone have some good ideas regarding wheels or a set that they are looking to sell. Ideally I want 15 x 7 all the way round but I am at wits end trying to find any. Struck out with Holly, Scott Drake and no one speaks well of Vintiques! What’s a guy to do?

Are you looking for the styled steel wheels in 15x7 or something like Magnum 500’s? Where are you located? I have an extra set of new 15x7 magnums that I’m not sure I’ll use. But you’d need to be close by, I’m in Charlotte, NC.

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Hi, I’m new to the forum and just came across your reply about the set of Magnum’s you have. I’m very curious if that person was going to get them or not and if you’re still considering selling? I live in Texas but have a sister that lives In Harrisburg NC. Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude in the conversation(lol) but just recently got me another ‘70 xr-7 and have always loved the look of the M-500’s on Cougars!!
Thank You—Robby

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Welcome Robby! Someone probably has a set.

Robby, I haven’t heard anything from my original post. I bought them new for $920 from Kentucky Mustang and spent ~$100 mounting the BFGs radials off my other car that only have only 500 miles on them. The wheels have zero miles. I have a use for them but can always buy a set later. I’d probably need to get $1,400 for them, which is actually really fair for new wheels & like-new tires, mounted ready to go. The wheels have been back ordered off / on for the last several years, hence the OPs post.

Drop, yes, the Magnum 500’s were what I was looking for. Do you have 15x7 all the way around? What size BFG?

Fronts are P215/65R15 and rears are P255/60R15’s. Here’s a photo of one that’s mounted. I have a use for them but if someone needs them now I would part with them.

It will be a while before mine’s drivable again.

Can’t figure out why the wife was mad that their were tires and wheels in her living room!