1970 Eliminator, 428CJ parts?

Looking for distributor, emissions air pump and plumbing, power steering set-up, RPM limiter?

602-330-9101 cell

Sunny Phoenix, AZ

Outside of the pump and mounts, the rest of the power steering is the same as other 70 Cougars and Mustangs. Good luck with the search.

Rare and expensive parts on your list >.<

Be sure to sign up on the 428cobrajet.org forum. Parts come up for sale there, and you should also post a “wanted” list as well.

You’ll find there is a '70 CJ / 4-speed distributor currently on eBay. I recommend staying away from seller: MySunshine302. He has a long history of making forgeries of rare parts and passing them off as legitimate.


I got a phone call from a guy within 20 minutes of posting my “wanted” ad yesterday claiming that he had a stash of parts left by his deceased father. Long story, detailed saga of how he and his wife were finally getting the house sold and he still had junk to take to the dump. He has a load of NOS 428 CJ parts, enough to fill two Bekins boxes that are about 3 feet tall each, and will ship them to me if I can send $300 cash to him. Mentioned having two new Holley 4513 carbs in original boxes, etc…

Anybody else have this kind of strange “amazingly good” luck?

Sounds like a scam… but you never know. I would tread lightly ask for pictures and details what you are getting for $300. If he knows what NOS 428CJ part are. He knows what they are worth, and would be ask a lot more money for them.

My thoughts too. But he told a good story. After about 2 1/2 hours of phone time with 15-20 calls, he never said anything that contradicted anything said before. Sounds good. So I sent the money and I’ll see what happens. Just like putting a lot of dough in a slot machine and pulling the handle. I understand completely what I’m doing but still hoping for BAR-BAR-BAR!

I think a lot of us will be interested on how all this turns out for you.
It seems like a scam,but you know every once in a while a guy gets lucky. Some people just aren’t real car nuts and inherit a stash of parts and just want to get rid of it.
If you strike gold here don’t get lulled into thinking you’ll hit the jackpot every time.
I hope it works out for you. It’ll be nice to see someone have good fortune come their way.

:pray: :doh: :beerchug: Chuck already had the luck of finding his old CJ Eliminator. Karma just might be on his side. Hope it works out.

Was it “TJ” from a Nevada area code? He called me back in September after I posted in the parts wanted forum. I posted about it here https://cccforum.discoursehosting.net/t/scam-call-seems-likely/9577/1 At least one other forum member had been contacted by him with the same scam in the past. He seems to troll the parts wanted section.

I would have told him I can be over in a few days with cash and pick up the parts so no need to ship, his response most likely would have told me if this was real of fake. I hope it is a good deal though. One never knows for sure.

^ This. Plus pics. And then maybe.

Never ever send anyone money up front.

Al, I guess you did not read my original post completely. I just put $400 into a slot machine and pulled the handle. Is your advice sage or wishful thinking?

Just curious as I’ve been alive for over 70 years and have seen it all,


I have personal experience with this very type of scam. It’s not quite as common as the Nigerian prince but it’s meant to separate you from your money. I had the same guy call me 3 days in a row with a great story about all the stuff he had to sell me. All he needed was a few hundred to ship it to me. Every day he added a few more items to the list of what he had. He finally realized he wasn’t getting my money and gave up. I prefer to put my money on the poker table where I at least have some control over the outcome.

Definitely scam. If you have $400 to waste, good for you. Most of us don’t… This guy got paid well - 2 hours of talk = $400 - so $200 per hour…

I knew it was iffy going in. I am a computer geek and have been since 1968. I searched the world-wide public database for his or his wife’s name and came up with nothing. I searched for the surname of his wife’s parents in the Bay Area of California and came up with nothing.

On SPOKEO I WAS able to trace his phone to Battle Mountain, NV but there were no other clues. If that is how he makes his living then good for him. Karma is a bitch, though.

Interesting that it was NV. My call came from Vegas.

This phone number traced to Battle Mountain, NV which fit the narrative. What did NOT fit was that he told me he lived in New Mexico a long ways north of Taos. The phone number traced to Battle Mountain, NV and NOT to New Mexico.

I’m not saying that this was a scam but that sure is a slow freight truck, still not here yet! :wink:


PS I have not bothered to call that number as it was probably a throw-away phone.

That would be a big solid part to 3D print. I think it would be more cost effective to have a mold made. I think you could do all right on your investment return. Being it’s not a Cougar only part.

I’m not going to admit a scam but that sure is a slow truck delivering those parts…

I was near Battle Mountain, NV last month and wanted to give the guy a call but I could not find anyone with a local phone number to call him with. He did not answer my calls from my phone…straight to disconnected call.