1970 Eliminator BOSS 302 4-Speed - Comp. Orange

One of our favorite long time customers asked us to help market their car at the Dearborn, MI show in August. Don suggested we reduce the price several thousand dollars and see if someone would be interested before the car is transported across the country. This is a high point, trailered show car. The current owner (a tooling engineer by trade) purchased it more than 13 years ago and performed a very meticulous rotisserie restoration. Like most BOSS cars, this one has a 1970 dated service replacement block. The most noticeable deviation from original is the lack of original smog equipment. The asking price is $95k which in the current market environment is very reasonable for a well optioned, show quality car of this caliber. For more information please call Don at (503) 463-1130.

The car was featured a while back on “Power Nation TV” , you can see the segment here - https://youtu.be/Pu8PDtyzTIk


Cool car.

On the invoice: “4 gals gas…$1.41”

Didn’t get sold until July 1971.

Sold as a dealer demo. I am certain that every young car salesman lit the tires up on this car. As was intended. :wink:

Thus the block replacement…

Thank you for posting the Vid. I did not know my car was in a vid prior to me purchasing it. Again thanks.

kind of hoping it doesn’t sell so we can see it in Dearborn :naughty: looks like a really nice restoration and not having the original Boss 302 engine doesn’t hurt the value that much with the Boss cars. Biggest items I see that isn’t correct is the distributor, coil and the chrome air cleaner lid. The air cleaner base might be wrong but can’t tell for sure. Change the radiator cap, peel off the caution fan sticker and paint the shocks black. This car looks so nice changing those items would be worth it.

Didn’t the Boss 302 come factory equipped with an export brace?

I have struggled with commenting on this one as it is very well executed in many areas but there are details which miss and I was afraid commenting would distract from what is there. But at this price target details matter.

In addition to the other mentioned items, air cleaner base is wrong, no vacuum vent on the side and the valve cover vent connection should be in front not on side. The carb is a 69 style with the front bowl vent. Is it a “U carb” or BOSS carb makes a big difference in value. (A real 69 BOSS carb is worth more than the 70 so that could be a plus) While being nit pickey, the purist would also ding the car for the polished appearance of the valve covers too. And I can’t see the fuel pump or the details on the radiator but there does not appear to be a FOMOCO on the top right. Yes these are all bolt on items but they are also the harder to find / expensive BOSS parts, you are looking at several thousand $ to get those parts (non repo) in the condition this car warrants. These are details I would expect to see correct on the car.


No they had the braces with the extra stiffening at the cowl like the Cobra Jet cars.

Some (not all) Boss Eliminators also appear to have received an additional plate / bracket bolted on at the firewall. CJ’s do not appear to have received this plate.

I believe the shock tower braces with extra stiffening at the firewall were a “standard” improvement on all '70 Cougars (not sure about Mustangs though) - someone else will hopefully confirm though.

*this pic is from a non-Boss yard car at WCCC, but the brace is identical to what I’ve seen on some Boss cats.

Many '70’s received the improved shock tower braces but not all did.

Thanks Jeff!