1970 headlight vacuum storage tank

So there are two different ways to attach the headlight storage tank and wccc says the cutoff was Nov.10th’69. So one way is with the spacers. What is the other way? The tank has to be inverted so the nipple is down vs up. It can’t attach with nipple on top without the spacers. Anyone have any pics? When I disassembled my car, I bagged and tagged everything. I don’t have a bag with the spacers/long screws which leads me to believe my car didn’t have them. But then again in 50yrs who knows what has happened.

Sorry no images to help you, but the ‘other way’ was that the spacers were eliminated and new style ( ‘taller’ ) brackets were used after the November 1969 cut-off date. These eased assembly because the spacers and longer bolts were no longer required as the mounting brackets themselves now provided the clearance for the tank to be attached on the core support under the drivers side fender.
Here are the WCCC images from their website :

1970 Cougar spacer and bolt for early style vacuum tank brackets

1970 Cougar early style vacuum tank bracket

1970 Cougar later tall style vacuum tank brackers

I must have had the spacers because with my original brackets I can’t install the tank with the nipple at the top. Speaking with Cougarbill there was also a 90 degree fitting near the nipple. Haven’t seen one of those either.

I was referring to the factory hose that has a prebent 90 into tank. single black w/ white stripe to check valve.

Oh I misunderstood. The hose was prebent/molded to 90.

I’ve switched to electric servos and still have my old tank if needed. PM me.

Hello rare70cat. If interested, I have these available. Also have a spare set of the long brackets that do not require the spacers.