1970 hood emblem/ cat

So I was under the hood on the new convertible, and when I closed the hood, the cat and backing thing fell off.
I checked WCCC, searching hood, emblem, cat, grill and came up with nothing. Is there not a replacement for that cat? I don’t know that I trust the adhesive tape, and what about the backing? Even if you trust and use the tape, won’t that bulk out and not fit right?

Check WCCC under Emblem, grille center
The 3M Super Strength Molding Tape has been holding my XR7 C Pillar emblems for years.
The other thing I’ve done with emblems is #4-40 screws. Drill and tap shallow holes in the plastic, You’ll need to buy or make a bottoming tap.

Thanks for the tips! I will search again-