1970 Key in Ignition Buzzer mounting

I’m cleaning up my lower dash on my 1970 STD and can’t find the bracket to mount the key in ignition warning buzzer. It shows in the wiring diagram that the bracket should be in the lower right of the dash just below the radio. My dash has no such bracket. Is this the wrong lower dash or did Ford just dangle the buzzer? I remember when I first bought the car there was no buzzer mounted so I bought one aftermarket.

Any 70 gurus out there that know where this mounts?


Need to know this myself.

It is a little L shaped bracket. You should be able to get one from West Coast Classic Cougar,

Key Buzzer pics. First shot is from behind, through the glovebox opening. Second shows the mounting bolt location from under the dash to the right of the radio.

Thanks! I have the hole but now…where did that bracket go…hrmph hrmph hrmph…

Mike B. - Could you post a picture of the plug that goes on the key buzzer?

Sorry, the pic I posted above is the best one I have of the key buzzer and connector :-/
All I can say is that it’s black and has what looks like a black wire going to it, and has 2 slots for the tab connectors on the buzzer.

That should be the buzzer at the 10 o’clock position. I’ll see if I can go take a picture of the connector.

Key reminder and headlamp buzzer for 1970 Mercury Cougar and Ford Mustang. Also used on 1970 Lincoln MKIII and Thunderbird.

Ford master part number DWB-13150-A.

Looks like two connectors for that piece…

Very helpful posts! Thank you. I will post up when I get done. I found a local guy who claims he has these brackets laying around. I have found tho that the sound is very irritating and I suspect the PO had it removed! I stumbled upon the connector during a re-do and wondered what it was…

The sound IS very irritating and I have the deepest sympathy with the PO of both your and mine cars, as the buzzer was gone from mine as well.
Anyway, irritating or not, it was even more irritating to find the connector that went no where when I tried to install the wiring in my 70 Cougar. I want to reinstall it just to make my car the way it should be, so thank you guys for the information. Now I only need to locate a bracket and a buzzer :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the great photos!

My PO cut the wire at the turn signal harness connector. Repinned it and now it buzzes happily :slight_smile:

Keep in mind this is also the “headlights on” warning buzzer, that buzzes if you open the door when your lights are on.

I gotta try that…this is the first time in its 38 yrs that I’ve owned it that the buzzer has squawked…

Found a bracket through a local Mustang restorer…He plated it bright zinc…