: 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator $30,000.00

This car has to go like today!! It is a great car - see the post below. But the owner is very elderly and he and his companion are set to drive to Florida on Monday. First 30k takes it. Please e-mail me at kelly@classictag.net or call me at 412-737-5593. This is a steal for this car. Located in Livonia NY

Very, very tempting…

If I didn’t have five already!

Kelly, Sent an email your way.

Kelly says that she has taken a deposit on the Eliminator, and that it is scheduled to be picked up on this coming Sunday.
A couple days late to the table on this one…

Despite all the missing parts this was well bought by someone.

Sold! Thanks everyone for all your help. One of the friendliest forums I have yet to experience!

Congratulations. Wish it was me picking it up.

Getting flipped as a rust-free survivor with original paint for $36K on a FB page.

Saw that. Wish I had that kind of money to play the flip game! At least seller stated the engine issue right away.

Would you mind sending me the information for the new seller, I am not a facebook user. Was interested in the car but missed out. Thanks. kljacobs@carolina.rr.com