1970 Mercury Cougar for sale

The Marti Report I have on this states the car was equipped with the 351 Cleveland 4V engine, FMX 3 speed automatic and Detroit locker 9" rear end. The drive train is all original to what it came with. The car was completely gone over and most things were replaced. (see pictures). The interior was removed and soundproofing insulation was added, new rugs and new foam & seats were installed. All the rubber trim and beltline window seals were replaced. The door window rollers, spacers guides were all replaced. The mileage on this car is 40,000. The car is insured for $40,000 thru Hagerty Insurance which had to be well documented to receive that value from them. The car was not a true Eliminator because of some of the interior options but the drivetrain that this car came with is what the Eliminators were equipped with as far as the drivetrain.
The car condition is almost perfect. Absolutely no rust or bondo. The finish is an A all the way and has to be seen to appreciate. The car will not loose value and will only appreciate. Serious inquires only. I am asking $32,500 for the car. The car is in the Buffalo New York area. 14094. Thanks for reading.
My personnel e-mail is: stevecyr917@yahoo.com

Mercury was funny about many options - as that 351C-4V could be had in any standard hardtop or any of the other models (to include all XR7’s & standard rag-tops). Looks like it may be a nice clone of an Eliminator & in desirable colors, but more pictures would be nice. A copy of your Marti Report would also be great to see.
I’m sure you’ll get some interest…

Is there a reason that this 1970 Cougar has a 1969 front bumper and stone shield ?

Same reason it is an eliminator clone, owners preference would be my guess. Looks great!

0F91M550806_dlxrpt MARTI REPORT.pdf (297 KB)
20190730125115041.pdf (269 KB)
0F91M550806_dlxrpt MARTI REPORT.pdf (297 KB)

Steve’s awesome Tribute car was featured as the January 2019 Ride of the Month.


Thanks Mike, I should have put the link there.
I am open to reasonable offers
Thanks, Steve Alan

Nice looking ride & great color combination. :thumbup: