1970 Mercury Cougar Hardtop 4-Speed for SALE on BAT

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No Reserve: One-Family-Owned 1970 Mercury Cougar Hardtop 4-Speed for sale on BaT Auctions - ending May 30 (Lot #108,909) | Bring a Trailer

Anyone on here own this nice CAT?

Looks pretty solid on the underside! Would make a nice Eliminator clone.

Make sure to look through all of the pics. One shows a completely rusted through door jam.

How often to you see a rust hole in the middle of the door jamb?

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Sold for $13,275…about right considering it needed some body work/paint and I am sure some other things…but maybe not a bad daily driver for now with a stick!

A factory 4 speed for that money isn’t horrible. It likely needs a complete restoration with a ton of metal work but for someone with the skills, it’s got some of the expensive bits that are in decent shape.

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If you read the comments carefully, you will see that it left the factory as a 3 speed manual (base transmission). The 4 speed is a very simple upgrade.

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Here is one that would sell for a pretty penny once complete. Redirecting...

I’m surprised that black 70 with the 428 CJ hasn’t Sold yet