1970 Standard Rear Interior Panels & Rear Seat / Coupe (Black)

Hello All. I have Black 1970 Standard rear interior panels & rear seat set for sale. All (4) pieces are in very good, original condition.
I have had them stored inside on shelving since 1989 after being removed from a wrecked donor Cougar.
Asking $260 for all. Buyer would need to pick up or have transported on their behalf.

FMI, Please send a P-M or call / text: 765 - Six, Six, One - Three, Zero, Seven, Eight (Indiana / EDST zone). Thank you.

Bump… Anyone interested and close enough to pick this rear seat and pair of rear interior panels up? Or, interested and know someone that drives through my area that could pick up on your behalf? The rear seat is not cost effective to ship. I would like to see someone in need of these pieces put them to use. Thanks.

Gary-do you know if these will work on a 1969? I’m interested in them if they do.


Hello Todd, The Standard upholstery pattern is slightly different between 69 & 70. So, the rear seat and rear interior panels would not exactly match your front seats and door panels. As far as fit… Yes. Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

I’ve got custom door panels and Recaro seats so pattern match isn’t a concern for me. Let me think about it a bit.

Just an FYI, the rear side panels and rear seat are different between a coupe and a convertible. They do not interchange between the body styles. Your signature shows you have a 69 convertible so unless you have a second car that is a coupe then I imagine that you are asking about the panels and seat for the convertible. The seller, Gary, does not say if the parts are from a coupe or convertible. My guess since the body style is not mentioned is that the parts are from a coupe. With all that said I will let it to you two to work out the details.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Thanks Randy! I didn’t know that.

HI Randy. You would be correct, Sir. Coupe interior parts. Probably should have stated so to avoid any confusion of sorts…lol.
I will modify the title heading. Todd & I spoke by phone. Thanks

Bump… been posted for awhile now. Any of you fellow members in need of these interior parts?
I also have a few other extra parts for 1969 & 1970 Cougars.
FMI, Please send a P-M or call / text: 765 - Six, Six, One - Three, Zero, Seven, Eight (Indiana).
Thank you.