So the retainer has 4 of these tangs, all have a matching slot except the upper rear above the top of the quarter window. Won’t that leave a significant gap?

Question #2 MOULDING / TRIM - QUARTER WINDOW TO DRIP RAIL, this goes on first using its own screws? Been awhile since I took them off.

as I recall, that one usually flattened. There is a sealant/ weatherstrip that goes between the trim & body. The trim goes over the thin strip of stainless using the screws.

There is a 1/8" thick black foam tape that goes on the body side of the stainless trim. It is self adhesive and you can buy a roll of it from WCCC.

I realize the tang can be flattened, just wasn’t sure it should be. The drivers side is the same way.
Both sides came out with all tangs in the up position, just figured they should go back the same way. I do have the foam tape. This was a test fit, and I thought it odd that one tang had no slot to go into. May be a non issue. Flattened or up, shouldn’t matter, I’m sure they are meant to help locate the strip properly. Just trying to make sure I’m not fouling things up.

Interesting; Any idea how well that might work under “my” situation? Weatherstripping - repops - #20 by Retro1
It might be a little “neater” with the foam tape than black silicone or adhesive.

Well it is just like the OEM installation so I bet it would be perfect.

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