1970 windshield

Got my windshield from ECS as with all my other glass. All etched and date coded from what was on my car. Opened the windshield box just to make sure it was broken. Three months later…got it unboxed today to discover the rear view mirror button has a black pad under it.

Pisses me off! Totally not correct. Called ECS and explained that it’s Not correct. Dudes got to check on some things and will get to me. They will take it back but I think I’ll be out the shipping! Door glass was spot on. Expected the same for the windshield but…

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My car is a 1970 XR-7 convertible. It had/has the Sun-X side windows. What is the “correct” windshield for my car? Clear with band at top or Sun-X tint with band at the top? What I have is going back…

My Dec 8, 69 build 70 XR7 vert has tinted glass labeled Sun-X all around.
Windshield is original with these markings:
Super-30 (.030" film)
Laminated Safety Glass
N Car Lite R (Nashville Plant)
Sun Visor (darker green band at top)
9L Sun X AS1 (Date = Nov 1969)
FM-M57 (Ford Motor M57)